Caravan Movers

General Problems with Caravan Motor Movers

On the whole, caravan motor movers are pretty reliable machines, but occasionally you may have a problem. This is a list of the more common problems and possible quick fixes. Remember unless you know what you are doing and comfortable working with this sort of equipment please don’t try, get a qualified fitter to do any work needed.
1. When you press the control the caravan mover will either, start then stop, or run then stop then runs again and will do this continually, this is commonly caused by signal loss. The first thing to do with any electrical problem, is charge the battery, don’t assume that it’s new so has a full charge or the caravan charger takes care of it. Charge it fully with a proper battery charger. If that doesn’t cure it change the batteries in the handset. If it still does the same then chances are the signal is being interfered with from something like the battery, the charger or some other caravan system. Unless you know what you are doing take it to a fitter to have it checked over for loss of signal.
Problems with Caravan Motor Movers
2. A ticking noise coming from the rollers is nothing to worry about and is only a little bit of play between the rollers end and the bearings it runs in. It may be possible to stop the ticking simply by inserting a washer as a spacer to remove the play but this should be done by a fitter. But again this is not necessary as the noise will not cause any harm.
3. The mover works when not engaged but refuses to move the van when engaged. Again the first thing you should consider is that the battery does not have enough power to move your caravan. It may have enough power to turn the lights on, but not enough to run the caravan mover. If you’ve charged the battery and tried another battery and it still does the same then it may be a relay on the circuit board, you will need a new control panel for this one.
4. When pressing the forward button your caravan only moves on one side. Disengage the rollers and press the turn button for the side that didn’t move, if the motor runs then engage the roller only on that wheel and try again. If the motor runs but the van doesn’t move the gearbox has broken. If however the motor doesn’t run its either a bad or dirty cable connection somewhere usually at the control box.
5. When trying to engage the roller, it goes solid & won’t engage, or goes very stiff but does engage with a struggle. The bar on the back end of the engagement nut has bent, a new end is needed.
These are all generic problems with caravan motor movers that are easy to solve and fix. If you come across something a little more troubling the best thing to do would be to contact your local fitter to have a look at it for you, but remember to save you money check the obvious first, is your battery fully charged and working?