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Important Information About Buying Caravan Motor Movers Online

I have come across some information that I thought would be important to those considering buying a new caravan mover in the very near future. Some online reputable dealers are flaunting industry standards to try and make a quick sale. Now we all know that money has been tight for a few years now and that everyone is trying to stay in business by cutting a few corners but these rule breaker if caught only make your live and purchase more difficult.
Keith at published the following information on his home page.

Some manufacturers have now introduced minimum advertised prices, this means that if any authorised distributor flaunts the minimum price recommendations after the 1st of March 2012 they could be struck off the dealership lists & will certainly have their prices increased at next order.

If these companies are struck off the dealer list then should there be a problem with your caravan mover the company you bought it from will be unable to help you with any warranty issue leaving you to deal with the manufacturer. Dealing direct with the manufacturers in this case isn’t really a problem only an inconvenience that you shouldn’t have to have.
So before you go running off and buying the cheapest mover out there take a second and ask yourself how are they supplying this below recommended retail price? Many companies are staying within the new rules and to still get business are offering incentives to help you buy from them, again Keith has noted:

” all fitted Powrtouch prices on this website relate to the maximum distance we are prepared to travel, or nationwide fitting by Powrwheel themselves, our maximum really depends on how busy we are, i.e can we take 4 hours return travelling time to go 100 miles, plus 2 to 3 hours fitting, so its a whole day for 1 job, if I can I will though.”

For some people this may not sound like a great deal but in my opinion this is a very honest deal in that he is willing to work with you to try and get to you and fit the mover at not only his convenience but yours also. I am no way affiliated to Keith and have never met or spoke to him, in fact i have only ever received one email and that was to point out an error in what I had said about Powrtouch caravan mover, I just think he seems like a very honest dealer.