Caravan Movers

So what exactly are caravan motor movers?

If you have been caravanning for a while you will probably have come across different types of movers and the many different opinions caravan enthusiasts have about them. If however you are new to the joys of travelling with your own caravan then maybe this is something you have yet to come across.
When you arrive at one of the many caravan sites around the UK full of excitement and ready to get started in your long weekend or holiday it won’t take you long to discover what is probably the single most annoying process in the whole trip. Un-hitching (hitching at the end of the trip is equally, if not more annoying in fact) and trying to move your van onto your pitch isn’t something for the faint hearted and this back breaking task isn’t only chore but in some instances can in fact be considered dangerous to your health and the safety of those around you.
caravan motor movers
If you were hoping this caravan was to be your escape on the weekends then hitching and un-hitching four times in the space of three days could soon wear you down. Especially since you began noticing fellow caravanners are never that tiered and despondent when arriving at the caravan site. No doubt these other caravanners have found the joys of a small yet wonderful piece of technology, the caravan motor mover.
Caravan motor movers not only allow you to move your caravan into and out of most pitches you will come across at UK caravan parks but they are also invaluable at helping you park your caravan when you get home and all at the touch of a button (make and model dependant of course)! So after your exhausting weekend or holiday and the long, long drive home you at least you will know that you don’t have to physically exert yourself by moving your caravan onto the drive yourself.
Throughout this site I will try and breakdown what it is you should be considering when choosing the best caravan motor mover for you and talk about each type of motorized caravan mover on the market in the United Kingdom. If you can help others with some advice on your experiences with movers then please do leave a comment and if useful it will be published here.