Caravan Movers

The Benefits of Fitting a Caravan Motor Movers

Now we know what a caravan motor mover is it’s time to discuss the benefits of motorised caravan movers. These are just a few of the benefits you will come across once you’ve fitted the unit to your van, I’m sure there will be plenty others that you could think of. Why not leave your positive comments about caravan motor movers below.
7 Benifits of Fitting a Caravan Motor Mover

  • Motorised caravan movers makes shifting single or double axle caravans as simple and effortless as pushing a button or a bar.
  • Reduces the need for help of neighbours, friends or other family members and will stop back aches from pushing and pulling.
  • Caravan movers operate on most surfaces effortlessly, even muddy grass, uneven ground, gravel drives and sloping pitches.
  • The maximum speed of most caravan motor movers is around 30cm per second, up or down hill, there’s no danger your caravan will run away from you, down a slope for example.
  • Caravan motor movers make hitching up far less stressful, when the caravan can be moved to your car under complete control. This not only saves you time when leaving your pitch but when hitching up on your drive also, tight manoeuvring will no longer be a problem
  • Parking your caravan on the drive with a motorised caravan mover will help reduce wasted drive space as you can manoeuvre up to cm away from walls, fences or hedgerows without any trouble.
  • Caravan motor mover units are only clamped to the caravan chassis, requiring no drilling. This helps prevent weaken the structure of your caravan and allows the unit to be removed and swapped to your next new caravan.