Useful Checklist for Packing for a Caravan Holiday

We recently purchased a caravan in North Wales that we visit on a regular basis. The beauty of the caravan purchase and regular visits to North Wales lies in the fact that it’s an escape from everyday life, so why would we bring a lot of sometimes unnecessary items from home? Well we did at first, which is partly the reason I wanted to write this guide, which may seem obvious, but important none the less.
As hard as it may be to leave some home comforts at home, it’s often said that a break away should be different from your routine. If you’re paying a lot for your caravan holiday, do you really want to be doing the same thing you would be at home? Knowing what to pack is one of the most important things to consider.
When staying in a caravan, it’s always a good idea to really consider what you do and don’t need. Unless you’re holidaying in a caravan that’s the size of a small town, you need to work with what you have and leave some non-essentials at home. So, before you start straining to close the lids on your bags and do the zips up, here are a few items on your checklist that you might want to consider bringing or not bringing.

It might be a bit of a no-brainer to not overdo it with the outfits when taking a holiday, but many of us still decide to pack up the clothes that we know we will never wear during the break. Before packing several different pairs of shoes, a handful of dresses and half a dozen different coasts, consider taking just what you need, or maybe just your favourites. There’s no need for your caravan wardrobe to be overflowing with clothes!
When taking a caravan holiday, it’s important to bring things like toothpaste, deodorant, make-up and other general essentials. However, do you really need to bring your array of different fake tans and hair waxes? The answer is probably no, so don’t make your job of packing any harder than it has to be by overloading with cosmetics. If you’re going for a casual break and just want to unwind in your caravan, it might be better to just bring the essentials.
There’s no doubting that a tablet and smartphone are almost necessities for a long journey to your caravan holiday. However, it’s worth trying to leave some of the technology at home so you can really make the most of your break away from a screen. If you’re thinking about bringing a games console to your caravan holiday, you might struggle for space in your luggage. You definitely don’t want to bring a TV with you either, especially as most modern caravans come with them already furnished!
Knowing what to bring with you food-wise on your caravan holiday really depends on whether or not you want to try the park’s dining facilities or a local restaurant. If so, you might not need to bring a lot of food with you apart from a few snacks for when you’re relaxing. It’s probably for the best if you leave the chicken and countless cooking utensils at home, most modern caravans come with enough amenities to help you get by.
So, there you have it, a nice and easy checklist of things to consider before packing for your caravan holiday. If you have a large family in tow, you might want to minimise your luggage to save space in your caravan, so there’s definitely a lot of food for thought. Always remember that your holiday should be fun and something out of the ordinary, so leave your ordinary items at home and dive into a new experience!