Strut mounts

Strut Mounts are parts that put suspension strut to your car. They also protect you from your tire noise and mute vibrations from your car on the road. Strut mounts also come with a bearing, which works as a steering hinge.
A strut mount works like a hinge, one side is attached to the car, and the other to the suspension strut. A rubber-like material is found in the middle and its job is to protect the connection. With time, the thickness of this protective material changes and wears out becoming thinner. As a result, you get more noise. It’s good to replace this part at the same time you’re replacing your suspension strut and the coil springs. Usually to know that you need to replace your strut mount, your car is probably making clunking noises, and you’re getting vibration as you drive. Your steering can feel very loose or too stiff and noisy. Your tires have become misaligned, and this can even affect braking too.
Strut mounts
Monroe produces strut mounts for foreign cars. They are filled with fluid that works in any kind of weather conditions. This fluid decreases friction and makes sure you have smooth rod response. They are turned to react to any road extremes. Monroe includes an Impact Control regulator. This valve works to give you exceptional control under any driving conditions. Monroe Strut Mounts have a rod bearing that is, toughened with bronze. This increased how long you can keep using the strut mount. The dust boot decreases the build-up of dirt and any moisture in the air. Monroe sells two types of Strut Mounting kits, one is called the Strut-mate. This kit includes a Strut Mount, and isolators for both upper and lower. They also have an Econo-matic replacement kit. It comes ready to install and is available for any vehicle.
The reason you have to replace them is the rubber that holds the metals together. It gets worn over time.